Rotary Club of Norwin
Our History
Rotary is a service organization with a motto of “Service Above Self”.  Our 1.2 million-member organization started with the vision of one man—Paul P. Harris. The Chicago attorney formed one of the world’s first service organizations, the Rotary Club of Chicago, on 23 February 1905 as a place where professionals with diverse backgrounds could exchange ideas and form meaningful, lifelong friendships. Rotary’s name came from the group’s early practice of rotating meetings among the offices of each member.

The Rotary Club of Norwin was chartered as the Rotary Club of Irwin on May 3, 1963, over 50 years ago. The club has been active since that time and has embraced service to community, country and the world. Norwin is a name given to a collection of three communities in our area: North Huntingdon, Irwin, and North Irwin. The name came from our school district serving the same area.

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Our Members

Our membership is comprised of men & women, "young" & "seasoned", actively working & retired in a variety of businesses and professions.  Everyone who truly believes in "Service Above Self" is welcome!  To join any Rotary Club you must be invited by a member of the club.  If you are interested in joining, please speak to any Rotarian listed below. 

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Our Programs & Projects
We have our own programs & projects and we also partner with other organizations.  This list consists of past projects as well as current ones.  
Boy Scouts Westmoreland County * Memorial Day Parade * Catheterization Lab Installation (Kiev) * Multiphasic Blood Testing
Norwin Chamber of Commerce * The Backpack Project * College Scholarships * Norwin High School Interact Club
 Girl Scouts Westmoreland County * Norwin High School Library * Teddy Bear Project * Norwin Public Library * Inner Wheel Norwin Scholarship Golf Outing * Interact Club Road Cleanup * Norwin Senior Citizen’s Dinner * International Scholarship 
The Rotary Foundation * Irwin Fire Department * Rotary Ramps * Irwin Male Chorus * Rotary Youth Exchange Sponsorship
 Irwin Playground * Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) * Poison Control Centers (Europe) * Salvation Army Bell Ringing
 Meals on Wheels * High School Student of the Week * Tribune Review Adopt a Classroom * Strike Out Hunger Night
United Way Campaign * End Polio Now Campaign * Westmoreland County Food Bank *  Clean Water & Sanitation Projects 
Project Lifesaver * World Affairs Council * Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) * Community Holiday Tree * 
Relight the Lamp Theatre * Military Banner Program * Light Up Norwin!*

Our Committees
2021-21 Avenues of Service/Committees

International Service: Matt Wirtz
  (includes: water filters, Polio Plus, Dominican Project, DCG)
District International Project: Matt Wirtz, Bill McCabe and Gary Teti
Foundation Committee: Matt Wirtz
Nominations & Awards: Bill McCabe, Bill Caruthers, Cheryl Campbell, 
                                    Jim Duffy, Russ McCullogh 
Foundation Moment: Eva Williams

New Generations: Ryan Dansak
Interact: Mat Beck, Mike Liptak
Dictionaries: Gary Teti, Cheryl Campbell, Tom Graney, Tim Kotch
Scholarship:  Tim McCabe, Rosanne Novotnak, Gary Teti, 
                        Cheryl Campbell
  (includes RYLA, W Aff. Council, Dictionaries, student guests) 
Tim McCabe, Rosanne Novotnak
Youth Exchange: Ryan Dansak, Mike Liptak
Scholarship Golf Outing:  Bill McCabe, Cheryl Campbell,  Rosanne Novotnak, 
                                John Ott, Tim McCabe and John Duncan

Community Service: Jason Csukas
Multi-phasic Blood Testing:  Russ McCullough
Salvation Army Bell Ringing: Bill Caruthers, Rosanne Novotnak
Fresh Express: Bill Caruthers , Mat Beck, Jaso Csukas, Mike Liptak, John Ott, Tom Graney
Backpack Project: Jason Csukas, Brenda Kacvinsky, Cheryl Campbell
Chili/Wings Cookoff: Bill Caruthers, Cheryl Campbell, Rosanne Novotnak, Chrys Sabula
                                and Gary Teti 
Christmas Tree:  Bill McCabe,  John Duncan, Ryan Dansak,  
                            Tyler Jones, Mike Liptak, Bill Snyder, Terry Painter, Cheryl Campbell, 
Light up night festivities: Rosanne Novotnak, Cheryl Campbell, Ryan Dansak, Nick Poole 
                            and Bill McCabe
Military Banners: Bill Snyder, John Duncan, Mike Liptak, Bill McCabe and Tim McCabe
Cupcake Wars: Tim Kotch

Club Service #1: Rosanne Novotnak
Audio/Visual:  Mat Beck (Chair)
Finance: Tom Graney, 
Fundraising: Cheryl Campbell, Bill McCabe, John Ott and Tom Graney
Governance:  Bill McCabe, Tyler Jones, Jim Duffy, Bill Caruthers,
                        Russ McCullough, Cheryl Campbell
(includes: bylaws/constitution, nominations & elections, 
installation of new members, historian, parliamentarian, selection of 
Club Service Award and Community Service Award)
Public Relations:  Nick Poole,  Cari Kocinski, Mat Beck 
Song Leader:  Ryan Dansak
Rotary Moment: John Ott
Audit: Gary Teti, Jason Csukas, Jim Duffy, Matt Wirtz
House Committee: Rosanne Novotak, Russ McCullough, Rayna Dansak, and Jim Duffy

CLUB SERVICE #2: Gary Teti
Fellowship: Cari Kocinski, Nick Poole, Chrys Sabula and Tim Kotch
(includes Holiday Party, Socials)
Membership: Mat Beck,Gary Teti, Chrys Sabula
Installation Dinner: Rosanne Novotnak, Cheryl Campbell
Invocations: Members as needed
Program:  Nick Poole, Gary Teti, John Ott, Tim McCabe, Terry Painter 
Sergeant-at-Arms:  Russ McCullough  (Member Inductions)

Vocational Service: Jim Duffy
Career Development: Nick Poole, Jim Duffy
Career Day w/ Interact: Rosanne Novotnak, Mat Beck, Tim McCabe and Jim Duffy
Websitee: Michelle Hanna
   2021-22 Members

Mathew "Mat" Beck
Cheryl Campbell
William "Bill" Caruthers, II, Esq. 
Jason Csukas ^
Ryan Dansak Esq.
James "Jim" Duffy Esq.
John Duncan^^
Thomas "Tom" Graney CPA
Lynne Haney
Michelle Hanna
Tyler Jones Esq.
Cari Kocinski
Tim Kotch
Michael "Mike" Liptak
William "Bill" McCabe Esq.
Timothy "Tim" McCabe *
Russell "Russ" McCullough
Stephen Meyer
Rosanne Novotnak
John Ott
Terry Painter
Rev. Nicholas "Nick" Poole** 
April Schachtner
Chrys Sabula
William "Bill" Snyder
Gary Teti
Matt/Eva Williams
Matthew "Matt" Wirtz

C​orporate Members​
^S&T Bank
^^Duncan Financial Group
*Norwin School District
**Calvary Church

Honorary Members
Frank Chadima
Ron Coiner
Rev. Clifton Suehr
Charles Terbot
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